Last night LeBron James told reporters that he's "done biting his tongue" and took the opportunity to call out Charles Barkley who has been very critical of the way LeBron has dealt with the Cavs organization as of late.

LeBron called Barkley a hater, referenced a handful of Charles' more shameful moments, and concluded by saying, "screw Charles Barkley."

That said, Barkley didn't seem at all concerned or bothered by what LeBron said about him and his troubled past. In fact, he doubled down on what he said about LeBron being "whiny."

ESPN's Rachel Nichols tweeted the following about Sir Charles' response today.

So it looks like the Round Mound of Rebound couldn't care less about what LeBron said about him because they're never going to be friends and creating opinions like "LeBron is whiny" is part of his gig.

Still, the internet had a field day with the way LeBron came at Charles during last night's post-game.

Check out some of the best reactions to the LeBron James x Charles Barkley beef below.