Travis Scott is well-known for his on-stage antics, and while they usually consist of stage-diving and spastic jumping (with the occasional ad-lib thrown in), the most memorable moment of his HOT 97 Summer Jam set today came when he confronted a photographer on stage.

"Hey, get your fucking nerdy ass off the stage, bro," he told a cameraman who entered the stage to document the performance. "Go! Now! I don't know you, bro... Nobody on stage bro... No disrespect, I'm an artist... I don't care if you're working for Summer Jam, Bye! You're not working for Travis! This isn't Summer Jam, this is a Travis Scott show!"

It's not clear whether the man was actually employed by HOT 97, but after Scott's rant, he didn't reappear on stage.

Watch it go down below. Was Travis too hard on him?

Update: Travis has apologized for "being such an ass" on Twitter, which we can assume is referring to this very incident. Check out his tweet below.