The internet has been buzzing today (September 22) after Tory Lanez made cryptic social media moves. The singer-rapper has been seeing playing basketball with Drake and giving back to those in need, but when he deleted all of his content on his Instagram and tweeted "it's been real," the public began to speculate about the possibility that he is gearing up for jail time.

Tomorrow, Lanez will reportedly return to court over the shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. This hearing comes one month after his last court appearance over allegations that he violated the court order stating that he needed to steer clear of the Houston rapper.

He managed to avoid going to jail and instead only had his bond increased. However, this isn't the only legal trouble that he has gotten himself into, as Radar Online reports that Lanez has been sued by a man who was left disfigured in a car accident involving the Toronto artist's vehicle.

According to the outlet, Barry Fine is suing both Lanez and insurance company AIG over an incident that reportedly occurred on January 23 of this year. Fine claims that he was in Florida driving his 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo when someone in a 2016 Range Rover "caused a 'chain reaction rear-end collision striking one vehicle propelling that vehicle into Plaintiff’s vehicle.'"

The Range Rover reportedly fled the scene and later, the vehicle was located by investigators "abandoned on I-95 in Miami." Authorities determined that the vehicle was owned by Lanez, but the person who was behind the wheel is unknown. Fine does not seem to accuse Tory of driving the car, but he does believe that the rapper-singer should be held responsible for both the damages to his vehicle and his medical bills.

In the suit, Barry says his injuries include disfigurement, physical and mental pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, a permanent injury, significant scarring, and out-of-pocket expenses.

He is demanding more than $30,000 in damages. He believes Tory and the insurance company should pay him the difference between his car’s value before the accident and its value after the repairs are made.

While it is reported that Lanez was served at his Miami home, it is said that his legal team has not responded to the lawsuit.