T.I.P. Talks Authenticity In Trap Music, Names Rappers Who Are Believeable

Rose Lilah
September 25, 2015 13:12

T.I. sits down for an exclusive interview with HNHH.

T.I. is preparing for his new album, The Dime Trap, which he teased fans about last night by posing for a photo with Jay Z and revealing Hov would be on the album. In anticipation of the album, he sat down with us to discuss how and where he's getting his inspiration from these days, when it's hardly believable that he's (still) really in the trap 24/7. 

Tip explains it in the following way, "I'm probably a little bit closer than I'm supposed to be to the environment, but not nearly as close as I used to be. So as far as inspiration, it kinda to me feels like...an alcoholic. So if you were an alcoholic for twenty years and you quit and you stay away for 10 or 15, you still remember what it's like to be drunk. Every day you still remember the taste, the good, the bad, the ups, the downs of it all, so you can still paint a vivid picture. And that's how I consider my connection to that world."

In terms of trappers in Atlanta, we're currently being inundated with them. To that effect, we asked the Kang who he actually believes as trap rapper from the South. T.I. names, "Young Jeezy, Dolph, Yo Gotti, Doe B..I think he don't get enough credit, I guess cause his career never got the chance to take off, but he was one of the coldest. Young Dro, Dro is definitely of the environment." He goes on to throw Meek Mill's name into the mix, even though he's not from ATL.

He ends with sharing his opinion on artists that may adopt "that life" in their lyrics but aren't actually about it.

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T.I.P. Talks Authenticity In Trap Music, Names Rappers Who Are Believeable