In 2007, Kanye West has went so far as to call Swizz Beatz "the best producer of all time." So it was no surprise when he hit the studio with Swizz last week to put the finishing touches on WAVES. In a new interview with Billboard, Swizz explained his role on WAVES and shared his overall impressions of the album.

"I had the pleasure of working on a few tracks for the album," he said. "It’s one of the best albums I heard him produce in a while. It’s a sound that I think is very enjoyable."

He continued: "The sonics and the things that people are gonna hear -- I think they should connect to it, like close their eyes [away] from all of the B.S. and think about the music when you listen to the album ‘cause it’s a lotta noise outta there. When you’re that popular, there’s gonna be a lot of noise but sometimes, we gotta put the headphones out, get away from that noise and really listen to the craft and I think that he has a great piece of work on his hands."

WAVES drops February 11th... always good to have the Swizz Beatz stamp approval.