Rick Ross turned heads when the title and cover art of his The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape were released.   Now Shyne, who served prison time for an infamous gun incident, and is a devout Jewish man is taking offence to Rozay’s mixtape title, and his persona.

Shyne took to Twitter to put Ross on blast.  As mentioned, Shyne has served prison time, and he calls out Rick Ross and his alleged past as a correctional officer.  Tweeting (via HHDX) “First they criticize me for being a Jew, now they’re favourite fake rapper is having a black bar mitzva? GTFOH”, and adding “He’s alright but he’s not real!  He’s a cop I squeeze that steel. Still!”

Probably not the wisest choice for Shyne to publicly announce he still carries a gun when he is applying to have his ban from the US lifted. 

Rick Ross’ The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape is available for download here.