Desiigner's Outlet tour has been tainted by a brewing beef between openers Rob Stone & Ski Mask The Slump God. After a tense opening night, both rappers found themselves entangled in a war of words. XXXTENTACION, loyal to his homie Ski Mask, took to Twitter to go off on Rob $tone. As both rappers are pretty much forced to share a stage every night for the foreseeable future, it seemed inevitable that something would pop off.

Only two nights in, it did. Words escalated into straight up violence during the following show in Los Angeles. While Ski Mask performed his set, he was rushed and assaulted by several men before being pushed into the crowd. And like that, all hell broke loose, prompting responses from Ski Mask, Rob $tone, and of course, X. 

Ski Mask's initial responses, including some accusations against the security team:

XXXTENTACION shared footage of the fight, before issuing a threatening response directed at Rob Stone. 

And finally, Rob $tone weighed in, confirming that he was indeed responsible for the attack. In this Worldstar clip, he threatens X, saying "I done beat your homeboy up last night...don't you dare come to San Diego boy, don't you dare." 

$tone then shared a less heated take on his personal IG page, explaining his side of the story and trying to contextualize the beef. 

And this is only the second day on tour. New information keeps dropping, and we can only imagine that the situation will continue to escalate unless cooler heads can prevail. As of now, threats stay flying left right and center, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Hopefully this beef can be put to rest before somebody ends up dying over some rap shit.