Review: Chief Keef's "Almighty So"


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Review: Chief Keef's "Almighty So"

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Matt Aceto

Belongs in the recycle bin.

Simply bad, and I'm a big Chief Keef fan. After two consecutive let-down mixtapes, I'm hoping a new studio album is his next move.
Jason Ray

I don't see where this is going...

Hardcore fans will stick by him, but it seems like a steady descent for Keef. Formulaic, recycled concepts and recycled rhyme schemes - without a new viral hit in the future, Sosa may only stay relevant due to his mishaps in the news.
Trevor Smith

Slightly less useless than "Bang Pt. 2".

Keef burst onto the scene as the face of an exciting new sound, but has since found his peers easily surpassing him with each subsequent release. Aside from a few interesting beats, "So" is messy, lazy, and forgettable. Grab the Durk tape instead.
Nicolas James

This is starting to get old...

A poorly executed and generally uninspired project. A few solid instrumentals and slightly more coherent vocals couldn’t save this sinking ship. Keef would be well advised to switch his style up. The novelty has long since worn off.

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Basically another Bang Pt. 2 ...

"They want that old Sosa… for what doe?" Well, for good reason. Chief Keef ran into some icebergs with Bang Pt. 2, and the ship continues to sink. The same qualities that were present on his last mixtape reappear on Almighty So. Poor mixing and sloppy delivery continue to cloud the highlights. Thankfully the beats were banging, or else this mixtape would have been a lot worse.

Almighty So confirms that Chief Keef doesn’t care anymore. The tape is dotted with lackluster tracks, a few of which are under two minutes in length. The project is definitely a frustration, especially considering promo tracks "Ight Doe" and "Love No Thotties" make no appearance on the tracklist. More or less, it feels like Almighty So is a collection of throw-away tracks.

A couple hidden gems are found among the displeasing project. "Blew My High" and "Me" both standout as catchy tracks with replay value. The majority of tracks are mediocre at best, certainly not up to par with Sosa’s best work. Possibly the worst song he‘s ever released, “I Kno” pretty much sums up the whole mixtape.

Chief Keef needs work, and his production isn’t the problem. Actually, the beats were easily the most enjoyable part of the mixtape. Picking up where Bang Pt. 2 left off, Almighty So definitely didn’t improve on anything noticeable. Sosa needs a new studio album soon, because these lousy mixtapes are already growing old. 

Listen and download Almighty So below, if you wish. 


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