We were waiting on some information like this. Although it's not very official, and it's not from the mouths of Big Boi and Andre 3000 themselves, Queen Latifah suggests that OutKast are working on a new album in a recent interview with Horward Stern.

Yesterday we heard that OutKast are linking up this spring and summer for over 40 different festival dates, which left many of us asking...will there be a new album? Latifah made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show and she alleged that Three Stacks and Big Boi are chilling together and an album is on the way. 

Right near the end of her interview, Queen Latifah is asked about her former clients, including OutKast whom she used to manage. When asked where the ATLiens have been, she responds, "They’re chilling… They’re doing movies… They’re about to work on a new album."

Although it was only said in passing, this is pretty big news, as fans are itching for some new OutKast. Andre 3000 previously shot down our reunion hopes over the past few years, however, we have entered a new year, so let's hope this comes to fruition.

[via MissInfo]

[UPDATE: Queen Latifah Denies That OutKast Are Prepping New Album]

Queen Latifah caused quite the internet stir two days ago when she revealed during a Howard Stern interview that OutKast would be working on a new album. There wasn't much meat to the claim, she was simply asked by Stern what the two were up to when she happened to say, "they're about to work on a new album."

Now Latifah has taken to Twitter to debunk her statement, calling it a rumor. Well then.