Diddy - Puff Daddy Feat. Meek Mill "I Want The Love" Video (Trailer) Feat. Meek Mill

Puff Daddy previews his new single, "I Want The Love" with Meek Mill.

Diddy (or Puff Daddy today) went rather ambitious with his recent video for "Big Homie", getting cameos from pretty much the entire rap game, and travelling around the world over the course of 3 minutes. 

It looks as if his upcoming track, "I Want The Love" with Meek Mill, wil be a similarly large event, as the trailer alone gets pretty conceptual.

The clip begins with a mock-up of a classic arcade game, in which a "select a player" screen is shown. Puff is chosen first, and appears to collect flex points as various scenes of partying, flossing, and rapping unfold.

Meek is then tapped in to recite his verse, and the flex points go through the roof.

Look out for the full version of the track very soon.


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