It seems aspiring rappers can't avoid gunfire. In the news today, a rapper who goes by the name of Young Scrilla (born André Scott) was transported to the hospital after being shot in the thigh during a music video shoot.

The Miami native was one of as many as three victims who were injured during what is suspected to be a drive-by shooting. Not many details on the shooting have been released thus far, but Miami police responded to calls that shots had been fired in Overtown around 7:15 P.M. on Saturday. When they arrived on the scene, Scrilla was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in an ambulance, along with two other victims who were transported in a different vehicle.

The upcoming rapper is signed to North Miami’s Tru Story Entertainment, which is owned by associates of Miami boss Rick Ross.

Scrilla's mother, Quantriel Scott, commented on the event, and believes the shooting occurred because of jealousy. She said of her son, "I want people to know that my son is a good kid," said Quantriel Scott. "He's a loving child, he's very respectful, and if anyone is out here trying to hurt my son, I don't think they have a right to. They don't have no reason to because he don't bother nobody."

The second photo above shows Scrilla during the filming of a music video, prior to the shooting. The photo was tweeted by Tru Story.