The latest star to entertain TikTok with their comedic antics is none other than retired porn actress, Mia Khalifa. Earlier this week, the 28-year-old hopped on the popular “pumpkin loaf” audio trend, poking fun at how her future daughter’s expectations to look like her naturally may end up being a little far fetched.

“Mommy I can’t wait to look like you when I’m older,” she mouths, playing the role of her imaginary daughter. “Mommy spent $13k on her boobs and $15k on her nose, you better start saving,” the older version of Khalifa explains, to which her alter ego sarcastically says, “ok, perfect” with a deadpan face.


Several viewers left comments letting the content creator know they were shocked to find out she had work done. “I always thought they were real, they look so good in the most respectful way,” and “THEY ARE NOT NATURAL???” both got a lot of likes.

Others praised the Lebanon-born entertainer for “keeping it real” and always being honest. Of course, there were critics. “Not judging at all but this makes me think about all the Kardashian kids and how they’re most likely gonna get some form of plastic surgery by 18.”


Back in October, we shared a story about Khalifa’s transition from the world of porn into OnlyFans. “I was looking to other people to put value on myself. I was looking for validation in every crevice that I could, without actually doing internal work,” Khalifa told Yahoo Life in an interview.

“I was naive, vulnerable, and malleable. Very easily talked into things, especially if it was by a man,” she recalled. Read the full story here.