Vic Mensa seemed to hint strongly that he had terminated his friendship with Chance the Rapper last week by A) obscuring Chance in a picture of the two of them with Jay Z and Beyonce, B) shouting out the rest of his Savemoney homies in ensuing Instagram posts, & C) calling out an unknown party in an ensuing L.A. Leakers freestyle. “This is Roc, stay in your lane/ Im taking shots I aint saying no names.”

Worry not: Kanye's old friend Malik Yusef took to Instagram Sunday to assure fans that Vic and Chance are, in fact, not beefing.

"There is NO beef between @chancetherapper and @vicmensa," Yusef wrote. Y'all mufukin tweaking. Shorty we super well, red and blue 11 points of power, shout out the family."

Well then.

Vic and Chance are wearing the same outfits in the picture Yusef posted as the ones they wore in the picture with Jay Z & Beyonce, which would suggest that both pics were taken during the same evening. While one would like to take Yusef's word for it, it is also true that Vic did not have the opportunity to blot out Chance in the picture Yusef posted.