On August 5, the reality television drama returns with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The show's sixth season is upon us and there are some familiar faces that fans have grown to love, along with some new ones that are well-known in R&B and hip hop. According to Variety, the LHHH cast now includes Ray J, Princess Love, K. Michelle, Lyrica Anderson, rap legend Yo-Yo, singer Marques Houston, along with Fizz who's returning once again. Oh, there are a few other unexpected surprises, as well.

Earlier this year, B2K embarked on their Millenium Tour where the reunited singing group toured the United States and performed for hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. LHHH will apparently show the ins and outs of what went down behind-the-scenes of the tour with the main focus being on Fizz and J Boog. The real drama will unfold now that Apryl Jones, Omarion's former girlfriend and the mother of the singer's two children, makes her return to the series. There have recently been rumors that she's in a relationship with Fizz, Omarion's B2K bandmate, so fans can look forward to that. Also, Jones caused quite a stir recently when a video of her went viral where she states that she's desired by a number of rappers including Fizz, Game, and A$AP Rocky.

Baby Melody Norwood makes her reality television debut with parents Ray J and Princess Love. K. Michelle will reportedly share her surrogate pregnancy journey that may have had a few hiccups along the way. Legendary rapper Yo-Yo comes through as the voice of reason and encouragement in the chaos. We can't forget about producer A1 and his songstress wife Lyrica Anderson who have reportedly split up, yet are finding it difficult to co-parent. In a surprising move, engaged singer Marques Houston will hit the small screen with his three-man group Immature that first formed back in the 1990s.