About L'Orange

As you wind through a maze of alleyways, darkness falls and the sky glows a toxic orange...

For those unfamiliar, L'Orange is an emerging producer, poet, musician, manipulator and old soul out of North Carolina who dabbles in instrumental music, hip-hop and jazz.

Throughout his career, L'Orange has collaborated with emcees, vocalists, instrumentalists, spoken word artists, filmmakers and visual artists of different media, including but not limited to Stik Figa, Rapsody, Open Mike Eagle, MindsOne, Has-Lo, 7evenThirty, yU, DJ Iron, Castle, Cara Littley, Sarah Mattmiller, Melissa Madison Fuller, Hassaan Mackey, Kelsey Lu, Angelina Castillo, Erica Lane, Mr. Lif, John Robinson, Craig Shields, Jamie Williams and more.

The last we heard of L'Orange was his March 2014 single "Need You", which features Blu and will be included on his upcoming project The Orchid Days, slated to drop on April 8th, 2014. Stay tuned for updates, and visit for further details.


Facts Only

  • L'Orange is absolutely dedicated to originality.
  • L'Oragne's musical arsenal consists of vintage vinyl and old MPCs, predominantly.
  • L'Orange tends to draw samples from pre-1950s jazz, soul and radio.
  • L'Orange is on a perpetual quest for beauty in the dark, unusual and forgotten corners of music.
  • L'Orange finds musical inspiration in DJ Shadow, Madlib and Portishead.
  • L'Orange has a penchant for classic film noir.
  • L'Orange once got lost in his own head and ate his way out.
  • Billie Holiday is L'Orange's muse.


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