Lil Yachty kicked off the weekend by releasing a pair of songs, "Peek A Boo" featuring QC affiliates Migos and "Harley." The double-song release comes shortly after Yachty's announcement that he finished his debut album Teenage Emotions. As the red-haired Atlanta native continues to sky-rocket in fame, his detractors continue to mount as well-- even within the industry. 

Yachty paid a visit to Hot 97 this morning, where he discussed dealing with hate from unlikely or unprovoked places/people. "I feel like people just try to throw a shot at me so I can respond," Lil Yachty say of his haters, before revealing he's referring to recent comments, or rather lyrics, from Vic Mensa. Yachty went on to say that he's actually met Vic twice but, "I’ve never even spoken to him. I just shook his hand." He mumbled after, "N*ggas is weird."

Yachty also provided some backstory to another recent incident that went down at SXSW. "That's a situation based almost a year and a half before that day, and I hadn't seen that dude since."

It turns out Yachty and his team were the instigators in this particular incident."We brought the issue up," Yachty tells Rosenberg. "He thought I did something I didn't do, and he tried to shoot me. He shot at me, he tried to shoot me."

Watch the full interview with Hot 97 below, where Yachty speaks on the term "mumble rap" and being completely sober.