The NBA playoffs have progressed well into the second round, and besides the Cleveland Cavaliers’ steamrolling of the Atlanta Hawks, each series has been much more competitive. Watching game three of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs San Antonio Spurs over the weekend, Lil B takes the opportunity to confirm that the Based God’s curse is still very much in effect.

Mack Maine is the one filming, and he broadcast the whole conversation via live streaming app LiVideo. Maine asks Lil B if his curse on James Harden is still in effect, to which the Based God replies simply, “Harden’s out the playoffs.” Not a lot more needs to be said, but Lil B goes on to explain what James Harden needs to do to lift the curse: give Lil B credit for his celebratory cooking dance.

The whole conversation started because Kevin Durant, the first NBA player to get the Based God curse, was playing in the game. He says that his offer to lift the curse if Kevin Durant will simply play him in a game of one-on-one, which Durant previously agreed to before ghosting on Lil B.

Whether or not Kevin Durant makes good on his promise, Lil B’s Based God curse is going to be tested. The Oklahoma City Thunder are one game away from eliminating the San Antonio Spurs and moving on to the Western Conference Finals.