Jon Jones has had a long and entertaining career in the UFC that has seen him go pretty well undefeated except for one fight that he lost due to a positive drug test. Jones has been one of the scariest men in the UFC for a very long time and when you go up against him, you don't exactly expect to win, you simply hope to survive. Up until today, he was the reigning light heavyweight champion of the UFC although as he explained on Twitter, he has officially relinquished his belt.

In his Tweets below, Jones noted that he has had difficult negotiations with the UFC and they simply haven't been going his way. As a result, he prefers to become a fan. However, he claimed that if the price is right, he will make a comeback and is gearing up to enter the ring as a heavyweight.

Jones has expressed interesting in fighting the likes of Stipe Miocic, who currently has the heavyweight title. This would make for a pretty incredibly bout, and if Jones can get himself to the heavyweight size, Dana White would be crazy not to make it happen.

Over the next few months, it will surely be fun to see how all of this ends up playing out.