He's able to put the past behind him and boast about his days as a Young Money artist, but Jae Millz recently admitted that there was a time when he was upset with his labelmates. The rapper has nothing but love for his former Young Money crew including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Lil Twist, but he was honest with Bootleg Kev about a time almost 10 years ago when there were moves being made that got him hot under the collar.

"Nicki and Drake kept the lights on when Wayne went to Riker's Island. I'm keepin' it a buck," said Jae Millz. "Now, we're touring. How do we do the tours now? Who's gonna open, who's gonna close? Oh, he's not going out with us? He's going out on his own? She's doing her own tour? So now, I'm peepin' like—this when I realize this sh*t is really, really different and it happened fast."

Millz recalled back in 2012 when Drake embarked on the Club Paradise Tour with Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. The tour pulled in $46 million and was a hit, but Jae Millz felt a certain way about it because he believed he was supposed to be on the line-up. "I was hot. I love Drake, but I was hot," he said. "I was hot because I was thinking something was gonna go a certain way... That was basically everybody that was doing the same thing that we were doing at that time that wasn't with Young Money."

"And I love Drake. I love Drake with all my heart. I love Nicki. I love Tyga. Wayne, Gudda, Mack Mane, Twist. I love everybody that was apart of that ride," he continued. "That was a decade of my life. That was a real period of my life, but there were a lot of times in that period when I started to see, 'Oh, we're labelmates. We homies, but we're labelmates.' You can't forget that because you didn't grow up with these people. You met these people on some business sh*t."

Watch Jae Millz explain himself in detail below.