In a recent interview with 2DopeBoyz and The Well Verses, the legendary N.W.A member gave listeners an update on the fourth sequel of his "Friday" film series, while also commenting on his latest album update.

Ice Cube said that the third sequel to the highly-successful "Friday" film will be called, "Last Friday", and is definitely in the works. Though his album, Everythang's Corrupt, will drop before the film goes into production. Cube mentioned that the desire to have fun before everything else is how he's approaching his upcoming solo project.

"Yeah, [Last Friday] is coming," he said. "We're marinating on it, putting it together...probably my next album will be done quicker than the "Friday" movie. We just turned in the script, so it's going to take a couple of more months to put it together."

A movie and an album in the same year? 2013 is set to be very busy for Ice Cube.

Watch the rest of the interview below: