Ice Cube certainly deserves praise for his many contributions to hip-hop, from his legendary discography to his role in shaping gangsta rap as we know it. But that's not everything Cube has brought to the table. Lately, the rapper has been focused on seeing his Contract With Black America come to fruition, having already garnered serious interest from both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

Ice Cube

 Earl Gibson/BET/Getty Images

With a meeting with the President's team still in the works, Ice Cube has taken to Instagram to share an update about the CWBA. "We added 2 new sections to the Contract With Black America," he announces, encouraging his followers to have a look. "Check it out at" The two additional sections include the "Sports Industry Economic Development Plan – CWBA Sports Initiative," as well as "Additional Concerns Regarding Black Women." 

The former is described as follows by the website's official write-up: "This CWBA Sports Initiative is offered to address the systemic racism prevalent in much of the sports industry, particularly as it relates to economics, leadership, participation, and wages." Full details about what the section aims to include can be seen on the website.

As for the Additional Concerns Regarding Black Women section, the official description focuses on protection and recognition for a crucial demographic. "Today, Black American women live in the ‘afterlife’ of chattel slavery, and thus, continue to face unique challenges derived from the enslavement and subjugation of their ancestors," reads the official CWBA website. Further explanation about this new section can be explored in full right here. 

Be sure to show Ice Cube some appreciation for keeping the Contract With Black America moving, and one has to wonder if we will see its implementation at any point in the years to come. Stay tuned for further developments on this story.