Hip-Hop emerged out of a collective struggle against oppression, poverty, and pain.  Recently, rappers have been teaming up in order to promote an end to police brutality, even raising money for victims like Mike Brown, and spreading digital campaigns to promote awareness of the issue. This isn't the first time we've seen rappers speak up against violence in their music, so we've gathered several examples from recent times as well as the past in this list.

Of all the recent tracks discussing the undeniable impact violence is having on our communities, a select few have become anthems. Hip-hop is surely at the forefront of the effort to end police brutality, and must be a force to end violence in our communities.  Some daring artists have created records that have become rallying calls for our generation, and are an important outlet for the streets to vent and unify.

The Game compiled a most impressive slew of features for "Don't Shoot", while J. Cole positioned himself like a crooner on "Be Free". G-Unit also made a noteworthy comeback appearance on "Ahhh Shit", and underground LA star Marc Payne showed the LA streets are united behind uplifting the community once and for all in the "Juvenile" video.  While Snoop recently co-signed the #Justice4Juveniles Movement, he's also on the list for 2013's "No Guns Allowed". The list features more from Big K.R.I.T., Mann, and the brilliant wordsmith Papoose.

Take a look at a sampling of the uplifting records pushing for justice and an end to the madness in the galleries above.