The country is still reeling from last week’s shootings in Connecticut at Sandy Hook elementary, and why most offer their condolences, the always mercurial Gunplay chimed in on Twitter recently and said he believes the shootings were part of an elaborate government conspiracy.

One look at the moniker and it’s plain to see where the MMG rapper stands on gun control.  After the senseless shooting of the children and teachers at Sandy Hook, the heat has been on the gun control issue.  The Floridian rapper twitted that the shootings by Adam Lanza were part of a conspiracy to restrict weapon usage in the U.S., “Government killed dem kids to take our guns away.  Another 9/11. Don’t get it twisted.”

Currently, the rapper is serving time on house arrest for armed burglary, and feels that guns should not be controlled by the government.  He later tweeted, “Yall are sheeple 4 thinking da government aint gotta hand in every crisis since the great depression.”

These tweets have since been deleted but XXL grabbed screen shots.  The Miami native did tweet something vague about Obama, and decided to keep that up no his timeline.