After being in the headlines for being jumped, and then for an outstanding warrant, we get some slightly good news for MMG rapper, Gunplay, as he has been released on bail and is only on house arrest for the time being.  This stems from an armed robbery which took place in April and resulted in a warrant being issued in May.   The Florida rapper had to turn himself in after his run-in with G-Unit at the BET Awards put his face and name in headlines. 

Gunplay’s lawyer says when he heard of the arrest warrant, he turned himself into authorities.  The charges were quite serious and included aggravated assault with a fire arm, and armed robbery with a fire arm.  Now NBC Miami reports that Gunplay, real name Richard Morales, has been let out on $150,000 bail and will have to adhere to house arrest while he is out. 

Another man, Randy Jones, a friend of the MMG rapper, has been implicated in the robbery as well.  The victim, Turron Woodside, had let Jones into his tax business, and Gunplay followed him in.  Woodside alleges that they then pulled a gun on him and stole a chain and a cellphone, and after fleeing returned to the business and pointed the gun at Woodside while shouting obscenities.

His lawyer issued a statement saying,  "The state did not prove that Mr. Morales was a flight risk or a threat to the community.  He should be home with his family shortly. This is first step in clearing his name so he can continue his emerging music career.”