Isaiah Stewart became the talk of the NBA last night as he began to chase down LeBron James following what appeared to be a dirty elbow from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. There were three separate instances in which Stewart broke free from those holding him back, although each time, his efforts to get to LeBron were completely thwarted.

It was a huge incident that sparked a lot of memes on Twitter as fans couldn't believe what was happening. While these kinds of things have happened before, it isn't every day that they involve one of the biggest superstars in the entire history of the league.

Following the outburst, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas took to Twitter with a hilarious message towards Stewart. As he explained, these actions are going to get him traded to a place that is very far away. He also said that he needs to learn some of the unwritten rules of the league, as clearly he didn't read up on the part that says you never try and fight LeBron.

Per Arenas:

"Hey brother, imma just be real with ya here, pack all SHIT, pack yo winter jackets and boots becuz yo ass is about to be traded to (Budapest) somewhere. I don't know what type of bumbaclot blood got in yo eye BUT u can't charge at the #KING like that on tv you will be drug tested #tivoice expeditiously  just to make sure that rage ain't drug related " we don't do that in the nba" u probably haven't read the memo on fight attempts in the nba #1 don't square up with @kingjames @easymoneysniper EVER.#2 them two light skin boys @stephencurry30 @klaythompson On GS don't let ya chest get puffy towards them or yo ass is done. #3 only two teams that's allowed to fist fight without any real penalties is where ever @rajonrondo and @cp3 at. #4 wait til yo teammates get around u and then act tuff (for the crowd) sell it like WWE. ummm thats it's, good luck moving forward my man. PS this was worst than the gun in the locker room situation some can say this was #attemptedmurder only thing that can save u right now is ( MJ dropping episode 11 of the last dance and he edits all Scottie pippen scenes out) or (Vanessa Bryant) dropping #Themamba last season if u think I'm bullshitting ask @eneskanter11 he got too close to the king back in 2016-17 and the Turkish president been trying to catch his ass ever since."

The NBA will certainly be taking a look at this altercation, although it remains to be seen whether or not this is something that will end in a suspension or maybe even a fine. Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will be sure to bring you updates on this developing story.