Last night was certainly an interesting one for the NBA as its biggest superstar was involved in a pretty intense altercation that could have ended very badly had it not been for the quick thinking of training staff and players for both teams. As many know by now, LeBron James swung his arm back and hit Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons right in the face. Stewart began to bleed, and he was immediately angered, leading to an outburst in which he tried to chase down LeBron.

In the video clips below, you can see LeBron being shielded by his teammates and coaches, all while Stewart was being held back by his own teammates. It was a pretty wild scene and in the end, both LeBron and Stewart were kicked out of the game. In fact, once Stewart got back to the hallway, he broke free to try and find LeBron all over again.

In the immediate aftermath of this altercation, NBA fans decided to do what they do best: get memes involved. As you can see down below, Stewart's actions led to a pretty heavy meme treatment, as many compared Stewart to an NFL running back. There were a lot of moving parts to this whole thing, and overall, it was fairly dramatic which is reason enough to whip out the memes in record time.

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