Game dropped his new mixtape OKE yesterday, after a slight delay, and the 19-track project is jam-packed, so much so, that Game hasn't felt a need to start working on his next album yet. The tape was initially supposed to drop after Game's appearance on DJ Skee's Skee Live show, which we were on hand for and spoke with Game briefly after the show.

Game documents just about every tattoo he gets, thanks to social media, and last we saw him ink a tribute to Nate Dogg and Trayvon Martin. We received questions from the fans for this interview, and one fan wanted to know when he'd be finishing his tattoo of his daughter.

"Yeah, you know Nikko Hurtado, he did the tattoo of my daughter on my chest, and he stopped tattooing for a minute," Game revealed. "He doing some artistic stuff, and he said when he pick the tattoo gun back up I was first on the list. I respect him, I respect his craft I think he's an amazing tattoo artist so I'ma just wait on him."

As for how he decides who gets a tribute on his body, Game says, "I don't really have no plans. I just wake up and brush my teeth and figure it out. So if I go to the tatt shop, I probably think about it on the way there and then when I get there, get it."

Game is no longer signed to Interscope Records, the label on which he dropped his last album, Jesus Piece, however it sounds like he's in no rush to find a new home or start a new album yet.

"Uh you know what, OKE is such a dope mixtape it's kinda like an album, so I haven't even started working on an album," Game told us. "I focused everything on Operation Kill Everything. My mixtape gon' be better than a lot of people album, and it's sad, but that's what it is."

Watch the full interview below, and cop the mixtape here.