It's almost safe to say that Migos' "Versace" track is up for song of the summer. The infectious hit has already been remixed by Drake, Meek Mill, Tyga, and many more. The latest to add to that list? How 'bout Frank Ocean, well sort of. 

The R&B singer took to his Tumblr page to post lyrics to his own version of "Versace". In the post titled "No Audio", Frank brags about winning a Grammy, name-drops Marina Abramovic, Madonna, Riccardo Tisci, and Beyonce, deleting twitter, and his love for BMW's. Fittingly, Ocean ends his verse with "I'm not even into Versace". How badly do you want him to rap this?

[Edit:Frank Ocean also takes some potential shots at his former beefing partner, Chris Brown, in these lyrics. See one of his intro lines, "You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy/ Your music is sloppy." What do you guys think? Shots fired?]

Check out Frank's lyrics to "Versace" below.