Nike's annual Doernbecher Freestyle Collection was officially unveiled at the end of October but today we have a closer look at the DB Nike Kyrie 2 which was designed by 11-year old Andy Grass.

Here's what he had to say about the design process with the Nike team:

"The inspiration of my shoe was to honor all of the people who helped me during my recovery. I chose many different symbols and colors to represent these people and communities. My favorite part of the design process was all the times I got to meet with my team and collaborate with them on how to make my shoe better. It made me feel like I was an adult, because they really listened to me and didn’t ignore my ideas."

Grass spent over three weeks at Doernbecher. He was critically injured when a wave rolled a log over him on the beach, crushing much of his body and collapsing both lungs. On the tongue of his Kyrie 2, you'll see a lion standing proudly on top of the log that caused his injuries.

Some other details on the "Doernbecher" Kyrie 2 include the shades of blue representing his baseball and basketball teams, and the word 'Joy' which is written on the Swoosh in honor of Andy's Aunt Peggy, who was battling breast cancer while he was recovering.

“She and I would encourage each other a lot,” he explains. “Before she passed away, she reminded me to find joy in every day.”

Andy Grass' Nike Kyrie 2 will be releasing on December 17th for $120. All of the proceeds will benefit Doernbecher Children's Hospital.