Dana White has had some pretty revolutionary ideas as president of the UFC. Over the years, White has been able to build the UFC into an enterprise that is worth billions of dollars and is beloved by many. Some of the UFC's fighters have quickly become international superstars and if there is anyone who knows how to market the sport, it would have to be White.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, White decided to take matters into his own hands and purchased a private island where he could host international fights. The whole initiative is being called "Fight Island" as still in the process of being set up. Today, White spoke to "Pardon My Take" on Barstool Sports and revealed some very pertinent information. As it turns out, the first fight on "Fight Island" will go down on July 11th.

White refuses to say where the island is located although he promised to come through with some new images in the not so distant future. White also noted that there is a lot of pressure for him to deliver and that he hopes people enjoy the show he's about to put on.

Meanwhile, Amanda Nunes will be highlighting UFC 250 this upcoming weekend which just goes to show how clutch the UFC has been throughout this recent sports drought.