Chase N. Cashe Songs

  • Goin Dine
    Goin Dine
    Producer/rapper Chase N. Cashe is nearing his new mixtape The Heir Up There 2, to follow up the first Heir Up There mixtape from 2012. The mixtape is dropping tomorrow afternoon, and to warm fans up, Chase leaks a new collaboration with Le$. Chase adopts some Southern slang and sounds for it, which finds Le$ right at home.
  • Go Off
    Go Off
    Damn, this is an interesting collab. Hit-Boy and Chase N.
  • Money Callin'
    Money Callin'
    Here's the premiere of "Money Callin'," the first single off Dee Goodz' upcoming EP, Good Money, with Chase N. Cashe. The smooth Cashe production is the perfect backdrop for Goodz to show off his rhythmic southern bars. And Cashe, too, lends a hot verse on top of his own production. "Money Callin'" is a player's anthem ripe for 2015, while still bearing the imprint of the classic sound created by UGK and other legendary hustlers. 
  • Speed Racer
    Speed Racer
    Less than a week after dropping his third studio album, GO:OD AM, Mac Miller is back with a new track, "Speed Racer," produced by Chase N. Cashe.  The new track finds Mac spitting some fiery, at times hilarious, improvisational bars. He's definitely doing a little more shit talking here than on most of GO:OD AM, which found resilience through introspection. It's unclear if "Speed Racer" is a leftover off the album, but regardless, we're happy to have some new Mac. 
  • Grants & Benjis
    Grants & Benjis
    We've got a new exclusive record to premiere today, recorded at the HNHH Studio in NYC. Detroit spitter Dusty McFly was in town recently, and linked up with New York native Chase N. Cashe to record an ode to dolla dolla bills.  Although Chase N. Cashe doubles as both rapper and producer, he definitely excels at the latter. He cooks up an ominous beat for Dusty, with a grumbling bassline and watery synths. Dusty flows seamlessly, rarely even taking a breath. 
  • Round Table
    Round Table
    Of all the crews that could defeat Funk Volume in a $500,000 rap battle, Jet Life presents arguably the most intriguing option. They don't offer the rapidfire wordplay of Horseshoe Gang, but they are almost certainly way cooler. Then again, they're not really the beefing, combative type. They just got that laidback Nawlins swag, mostly just tryna smoke a blunt.
  • Forgiveness
    There appear to be two types of Young Lito tracks in this world: freestyles, and songs with Troy Ave. "Forgiveness" is the latter, the latest collab between Brooklyn BFFs Troy and Lito, featuring a beat from New Orleans producer Chase N Cashe. First things first, this beat from Chase is fucking clean. So, shoutout to him. It's perfect "begging on my knees" music, ideal for this track, which is about Young Lito's ex-girlfriend whom he cheated on and dearly misses. "All I wanted was your forgiveness!" he raps. Hopefully she hears this track and welcomes him back with open arms.
  • W.O.N.
    Since he dropped his last solo cut, "Talkin Shit," back in early July, Chase N.
  • Iso
    Last month, Detroit's Dusty McFly guested on the absurdly fun "Fuck The Hook," a track by his hometown cronie Earlly Mac that also featured Chuck Inglish. It has been a while since we've heard a solo cut from his though, which is why it's great to hear his latest, "Iso," today.
  • Talkin Shit
    Talkin Shit
    It's been a minute since Chase N Cashe last impacted out pages, but today that all changes as he's got somethings to get off his chest. Coming off DJ Shaad Smooth’s newly released Supreme Dynasty Vol. 1 mixtape, here goes the latest from Chase titled “Talkin Shit”.
  • The Show Boyz
    The Show Boyz
    Until Troy Ave bought "All About The Money" from Manolo Rose earlier this year, the Chase N. Cashe-produced "Your Style" was indisputably his biggest hit. Although Lloyd Banks doesn't show up for a repeat performance, Cashe and Troy link up again for "The Show Boyz," and BSB cohort Young Lito shows up too.
  • IV Real
    IV Real
    Anyone who follows Chase N. Cashe's prolific career knows that the dude is a threat from both sides of the boards. His new one, "IV Real," has him fulfilling both of those roles, rapping and producing one hell of a beat on the free track. This is the lead single from his upcoming album The Best There Is....
  • In God's Hands
    In God's Hands
    The last time New Orleans native Chase N. Cashe linked up with NYC producer araabMUZIK, the duo turned out a dope track by the name of "Araab Crazy," and now they've come back for a sequel. "In God's Hands" is the heater this time, and it has a fittingly divine beat.
  • Freebie
    Chase N. Cashe hasn't dropped any full-length projects as of late, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been flooding the market with dope one-off jams all throughout the summer. The latest one, fittingly, is titled "Freebie."
  • Max Bundles
    Max Bundles
    As a producer, Chase N. Cashe has been behind some great tracks like Troy Ave's "Your Style," but lately he's been focusing more on the rapping side of things, which has resulted in some great material as well. Most recently he gave us "Araab Crazy," a track produced by araabMUZIK, and now today he's taken to SoundCloud to share "Max Bundles" with us. 
  • Araab Crazy
    Araab Crazy
    After hitting us with "Ride My Wave" in August, Chase N. Cashe wraps up the summer with a new record "Araab Crazy", appropriately enough produced by AraabMuzik.  On "Araab Crazy" we hear some crazy, swarming of bees-like production from AraabMuzik while Chase N. Cashe plays with his flow and raps about how strong his flow is. Whatchu think? Are you feeling the new collaboration? The New York native let it go for download on his Soundcloud.
  • Ride My Wave
    Ride My Wave
    Chase N. Cashe keeps the new music flowing, after hitting us with an absolutely "Absurd" freestyle featuring Nymlo two weeks back, he returns by himself on "Ride My Wave." Rather than getting his own production on this joint, Chase calls upon M3RGE & Deezy Baby of UPS Musik to create a lil something for him to vibe over. It's a tingling electronic beat. Free download of "Ride My Wave" courtesy of Chase's Soundcloud, so grab it if you like it.  
  • They Loving My Show
    They Loving My Show
    YG Hootie's been going strong with the leaks off his upcoming album Destroy & Rebuild, but today he takes a break from album leaks and delivers something free for the fans, which also happens to be about the fans, "They Loving My Show", featuring Chase N. Cashe's production. With hollow production from Chase N. Cashe, the West Coast rapper speaks on the perks of his lifestyle, as he continues to grind, and the reception he's received so far.
  • Absurd Freestyle
    Absurd Freestyle
    Chase N. Cashe does double duty as both a producer and an MC, and here we get to see his form as a rapper with a new "Absurd Freestyle" featuring Nymlo. He outsources the production on this one, to producer 183rd, who you'll recall has collaborated with Nymlo and Smoke DZA frequently.
  • Mad At Me
    Mad At Me
    Last week, we saw the video for "True Or False," a track by Chase N. Cashe and Jigg that will appear on their upcoming collaborative EP, 30504. Now the pair return with "Mad At Me," another EP cut.