When you're a massive artist like Cardi B, fans are going to be questioning your every move. While this may be true, it doesn't mean it's actually fair. There have been plenty of instances of fans going overboard over the years and unlike many artists, Cardi isn't afraid to call out her fans and put them in their place when she feels like they have gone too far. Following her breakup with Offset, Cardi has been dealing with plenty of comments from her supporters, and now, she feels as though it has become too much.

Recently, Cardi took to her Twitter account where she called out her fans for telling her who she should and shouldn't be working with. She was also upset with her fans for telling her who to date. In the voice memos below, Cardi addresses her fans while also telling the haters who don't like her tone, to mind their business and worry about their own favorite artist.

This has been a stressful time for the artist so having to deal with overzealous fans can always prove to be a challenge. In the social media age, fans think they can dictate how an artist lives their life, and as one can imagine, Cardi won't stand for that.

You can see the full extent of her Twitter comments, below.