Cannibal Ox released their debut album, The Cold Vein, in 2001, which quickly gained critical praise, and later became one of the most celebrated rap albums of the decade. Whether or not it had anything to do with the overwhelming reception of the album, Ox never followed it up. While El-P, who produced the entire album, decided to give up on a follow-up, Vast Aire and Vordul Mega have decided to reunite almost 15 years later to make a sophomore album. 

Blade Of The Ronin is coming your way March 3rd, 2015, and features guest appearances from DOOM, U-God, Elzhi, and more. No word on who is handling the production, but as far as we know El is not involved (though paired with Run The Jewels, it's starting to look like there's a bit of a Def Jux resurgence happening).

Check out the full tracklist below.

01 “Cipher Unknown (Intro)”
02 “Opposite Of Desolate” (Feat. Double A.B.)
03 “Psalm 82″
04 “The Power Cosmiq” (Feat. Kenyattah Black)
05 “Blade: The Art Of Ox” (Feat. Artifacts & U-God)
06 “Pressure of Survival (Skit)”
07 “Carnivorous” (Feat. Elzhi & Bill Cosmiq)
08 “Thunder In July” (Feat. Space, Swave Sevah & Elohem Star)
09 “Water”
10 “The Horizon (Interlude)”
11 “Harlem Knights”
12 “Sabertooth” (Feat. Irealz & Bill Cosmiq)
13 “Iron Rose” (Feat. DOOM)
14 “Solar System (Cosmos) (Skit)”
15 “The Fire Rises”
16 “Gotham (Ox City)”
17 “Unison (Skit)”
18 “Vision” (Feat. The Quantum)
19 “Salvation”