Even if you don't recognize his name, you can't miss TM88. His beats under the 808 Mafia umbrella are unavoidable at this point, first fueling the South's recent reinvention of trap music, then appearing on projects by everyone from Meek Mill to Machine Gun Kelly. The crew's new tag, a screeching, high-pitched siren, is even more recognizable, especially in the wake of Future's "Fuck Up Some Commas." Then there's TM's hair, a front-heavy mass of aqua-colored dreadlocks that cascade down his forehead and/or out of the gap in backwards hats-- if he wasn't 6'8", you'd still notice him instantly.

He's been on the cutting edge of his scene for almost four years, and as part of Atlanta's collective-minded camp of successful producers, TM88's in just about as good a spot as any beatmaker in 2015. We sat down with him last week, and he proved to be a genial, open dude in our conversation, eager to talk about his inspirations, origins and current endeavors. Read on to get a glimpse inside the restlessly creative mind behind those dreads.