Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend and Baltimore Ravens' center, Jeremy Zuutah, wasn't about to let his pit bull, Ace, miss out the biggest day of his life- his wedding. 

Zuttah and his fiance, Heran, originally had plans to get married at City Hall in Baltimore last month but when they learned the venue wouldn't allow Ace to walk down the aisle in a tuxedo as they had planned, they called an audible and started from scratch. 

“He wasn’t the best man because he can’t speak,” Heran joked. “You have to do a speech at the reception.”

“He’s awesome,” Heran said of Ace. “I just could not imagine getting married without him. He’s with us every day everywhere we go. I thought everyone was crazy about their dog like I am.”

The couple ultimately found a new spot that would allow their beloved dog to walk down the aisle- an Under Armour Performance Center gym that was converted into a wedding venue. This girl is a keeper. 

To say Ace nearly upstaged the bride on her big day would be a severe understatement.