• J. Cole Challenged Jay Z To Hop On His Songs In 2009 (Unearthed Video)
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    On Sunday at 7:30 PM, MTV will air J. Cole's The Warm Up: 5 Years Later, a documentary that looks at J. Cole's mercurial rise to the top, and today they've released some previously-unseen footage of Cole in 2009 saying some pretty bold stuff. The clip, apparently shot on Cole's birthday, shows the young MC cockily inviting Jay Z to hop on his songs, but only "if [he's] not scared." As Jay ended...
  • NBA Auctioning Off LeBron's 'Cramp Game' Jersey
    LeBron James' Game 1 cramps are still fresh in our mind, and the NBA is looking to cash in on the historic nature of said cramps. 'Bron's game worn 'Cramp Game' jersey has been put up for auction by the NBA, with bids already over $5,000.  LeBron, who had to leave Game 1 due to cramps, was unable to return in crunch time and as we know the Spurs took advantage, and have really never looked...
  • Kendrick Lamar Is Feeling No Pressure For His Next Album
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    With Kendrick Lamar's last album, 2012's good kid, m.A.Ad city receiving more critical praise than any other hip-hop album of the year, you'd think the L.A. rapper would be feeling some heat to craft a follow-up that matches its predecessor's acclaim, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When asked specifically about the "pressure" he was feeling for the upcoming project, Lamar responded:...
  • Who's That Girl: Suzette James (Interview & Gallery)
    Video model Suzette James started a career rooted in hip hop when she appeared in her first feature “All Of My Life” by Kool G Rap at the tender age of 12 years old. From there, she went on to make feature appearances in an array videos such as Drake’s "HYFR", DJ Khaled’s "All  I Do is Win" and Young Money’s "Bedrock", just to name a few. At 25, she continues to...
  • Jennifer Lopez Looks Smokin' On The Cover Of Billboard Magazine
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    Buzz has been high for Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album, A.K.A., which drops on Tuesday, and it should only get higher following J. Lo's sexy cover shoot for Billboard magazine. Check out the full spread in the gallery above. J. Lo's made some big news in the past few weeks with her singles "I Luh Ya Papi" and "Troubeaux," as well as her homecoming concert in The Bronx, which featured guest...
  • Top-25 Celebrity Kicks Of The Week
    It was 'Red October' week in the celebrity community as we saw a slue of the Yeezys make their way onto the feet of a number of celebs. LeBron James rocked the polarizing kicks to Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and fellow athletes Nate Robinson, Kyrie Irving and Victor Cruz also laced up the all-red joints, as did Ne-Yo.  Staying with the all-red theme, the unreleased 'History of Jordan' 6s were...
  • Mac Miller Hits The Studio With Nas & Boldy James
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    Mac Miller's West Coast crib is quickly becoming a hot spot for rappers to record. We heard from Ab-Soul how he recorded most of his new album These Days... within Mac's chill confines, and thanks to Instagram, from time to time we get to see which rappers are stopping by his home recording studio. Now that Nas' signing Boldy James is official-official, the two had a studio session with...
  • Lil Boosie Spotted In Studio With Tyga & Chris Brown
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    We know Lil Boosie has been working hard, as evidenced by all the music he's been putting out lately. The newly-freed rapper has been hitting the studio daily to put the finishing touches on his summer album, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, due out on July 15th, plus he's got another album planned for a winter release. On top of that, Boosie said Touchdown 2 Cause Hell will be a double disc-- thus...
  • Michael Jackson Fan Sues Estate Over A Lack Of Michael Vocals On "Michael"
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    In one of the most bizarre entertainment news stories you'll be reading this year, a woman in Los Angeles is suing Michael Jackson's estate because she doesn't believe Michael actually appeared on the now-ironically-titled Michael, the singer's first album released after his death. In the suit, she claims she hired an audio expert to analyze her CD and he determined that it was very...
  • June 10th Is Officially "Drake Day" In Houston
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    Drake has never been shy about expressing his gratitude towards Houston, Texas. With his own Houston Appreciation Weekend kicking off today, Drizzy has always made it clear that H-Town is his second home. And to re-pay the respect, Mayor Annise D. Parker has made June 10th "Drake Day" in the city of Houston. Taking to his Instagram Thursday night, Drizzy posted a picture of his new...
  • Drake Reveals New OVO Collection For Houston Appreciation Weekend
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    Drake's Houston Appreciation Weekend kicks off today, and along with plenty of special events, the rapper is also introducing some city-specific merch. A new line popped up on the OVO sit today, featuring new shirts and hats that pay tribute to the land of the purple Sprite, including lost icons like DJ Screw and Pimp C, and Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince. It's not entirely clear if...
  • Worst Hip-Hop Tattoos
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    Tattoos have become a pretty popular trend among adolescents and adults in today’s culture, especially within the rap and hip-hop community. While your average person may choose to get a tattoo or two, rappers and other artists in the music industry often adorn their entire bodies with artistic ink, such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, DMX, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Kid Ink. While most...
  • J. Cole Recalls Appearing On MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen" In 2006
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    Now that we can very easily go back and see exactly what came out 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago to the day, anniversary pieces are happening more than ever. While we've seen plenty of written retrospectives this year, it now seems as though the anniversary craze is crossing over into TV. It's been five years since J. Cole's breakthrough mixtape, The Warm Up, and the rapper has filmed a special MTV...
  • Nasty: The 30 Ugliest Fake Kicks Of The Month
    For as expensive and rare as Yeezys are, it is becoming way to common to see heinous knock-offs of Kanye's kicks hitting the streets. We've all seen the Js get the bodega treatment, but when Yeezys and Air Mags start getting bootlegged, it's a wrap.  In this Top (or bottom) 30 of the fakest kicks we've recently spotted online; we have the super rare 'Championship' LeBron 9, platform Yeezys,...
  • The "Weirdo Rap" Divide
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    50 Cent and G-Unit made headlines following this year's Summer Jam for a very visible fight that took place in front of 50,000 viewers (70,000 if you count those online) on the event's mainstage. But outside of that seconds-long scuffle, there was a bigger, albeit more subterranean, conflict going on throughout the daylong event. It may not have been apparent to all those in attendance, but...
  • Drake And Lil Wayne Announce Co-Headlining Tour
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    Summer tour season is upon us. While Drake served us one of the biggest tours of last year, he's decided to one-up the "Would You Like A Tour?" with a new co-headlining set of dates with Lil Wayne. The tour is titled "Drake Vs. Lil Wayne", which makes it seem as though the rappers may be going back and forth, Watch The Throne-style rather than performing separate sets.The 31-date tour kicks off...
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