Arrest Warrant Issued For Chief Keef After No-Show At Child Support Hearing

Chief Keef didn't show up for his child support hearing in Chicago, and so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Chief Keef's arrest tally just keeps mounting, and he'll soon be adding another one. The reckless rapper had a child support hearing at the beginning of September, and neglected to show up. The hearing was scheduled for Keef to explain why he hasn't been making his court-ordered child support payments,

As we previously reported, there was a possibility an arrest warrant would be issued for Keef if he didn't show up to the court date, and that's what happened. TMZ says that Chicago police have been told to arrest Keef if he's spotted, and bring him until jail until he pays off at least 1/5th of his child support debt (he was ordered to pay $2,600 a month, and so far he's only paid $1,900).

This isn't an unfamiliar situation for Keef, who has been arrested several times in the past months.


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