Adventure Time With Action Bronson - "Welcome Home Big Body"

Watch the latest episode of "Adventure Time With Action Bronson," subtitled "Welcome Home Big Body."

The latest episode of "Adventure Time With Action Bronson" finds the strange Albanian genius welcoming his inimitable "cousin" Big Body Bes home from a prolonged stint in the pen. 

After making bail, Big Body and company immediately dipped to Miami for some much need relaxation, which is how the episode begins (Bronson recently wrapped up an international tour with Eminem, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar). It also includes evidence of a recent performance in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (part of the ongoing Blue Chips 2 tour) and impromptu rapping in the streets of Tampa Bay. Enjoy.

Watch the previous episode of "Adventure Time With Action Bronson" here, and keep up with these two lords via Twitter if you know what's good for you: @ActionBronson / @BigBodyNYC

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