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  • Ghost Night (Freestyle)
    Ghost Night (Freestyle)
    Styles P has been making it a tradition to drop two new freestyles every Friday. This week, his second record is a freestyle over Redman's "Tonight's Da Night," re-titled "Ghost Night." As he's proven over his career, Styles always flourishes over these skittering samples, never getting too far out of his expertly poised delivery, but always delivering memorable "rewind-it-back" lines with the ease of a veteran.
  • Itutionalized (Freestyle)
    Itutionalized (Freestyle)
    We've already heard Styles P freestyle over Kendrick Lamar's "How Much A Dollar Cost?", and today, he's back to take on another To Pimp A Butterfly track. This time it's "Institutionalized" that's the target, and for some reason, Ghost decided to title his version "Itutionalized" (that's not a typo). 
  • Breath (Freestyle)
    Breath (Freestyle)
    We already got one freestyle from Styles P today, "Ghost View," which was over Tupac's "Starin Through My Rear View," but this being a Friday in May, he's given us another, in keeping with his two-a-day tradition. This one's called "Breath."
  • Ghost View (Freestyle)
    Ghost View (Freestyle)
    Another week, another two Styles P freestyles. Following the lead of his L.O.X. teammate Jadakiss, Styles has made Friday the official L.O.X. freestyle day, although he usually tends to take on more eclectic beat. The first of today's crop is one titled "Ghost View," a freestyle over Tupac's "Starin Through My Rear View."
  • Off The Ghost (Freestyle)
    Off The Ghost (Freestyle)
    French Montana's "Off The Rip" may be a slow burner of a single. It didn't necessarily blow anyone away on first listen, but neither did "Ain't Worried About Nothin," which ended up being inescapable for a whole summer. It's something about Montana's style that takes a couple listens to stick, but once it does, it's hard to shake. 
  • Ghost Fuck Up Everything
    Ghost Fuck Up Everything
    Not to be outdone by his fellow L.O.X. member Jadakiss, Styles P has dropped off two freestyles today. The first comes in over Future's nationwide hit, "Fuck Up Some Commas." Not to be outdone by the Freebandz President, Styles P titles his "Ghost Fuck Up Everything." As his comrades Jada and Sheek Louch have spent the past few weeks mining late the '90s/early 2000s New York scene for dusty gems from The Alchemist, Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier and others, it's interesting to see Styles take a completely different approach and go after recently-released instrumentals. 
  • A Tale Of Ghost Citiez (Freestyle)
    A Tale Of Ghost Citiez (Freestyle)
    The other night Sheek Louch dropped off two new freestyles, and now his Lox partner is following his lead with his own two freestyles. Although we're used to hearing Styles P over that grimey NYC production, he surprises us today by taking on two beats from left field. One is from Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly ("How Much A Dollar Cost," listen here) and the second, here, is from J.
  • Ghost Cost (Freestyle)
    Ghost Cost (Freestyle)
    Despite Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly being the biggest critical success in hip hop since... Lamar's last album, we haven't heard too many other rappers attempt to hop on the album's tracks. Lots of this is due to the music being rooted in jazz and funk, and not sounding very "trendy" per se, but leave it to Styles P to venture onto the record's "How Much A Dollar Cost" before anyone else.  Attacking the LoveDragon production with precision, the L.O.X. member shows that he's more than capable of hanging with the off-kilter beat. 
  • Keep Praying
    Keep Praying
    It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from New Jersey battle rapper Tsu Surf, but today he’s returning in grand fashion. Calling on Styles P and Emanny for features, Tsu decides liberate this new offering titled “Keep Praying”. Produced by Trunk Knockaz, “Keep praying” is a mean street cut that features a plethora of hard bars and soft vocals for the chorus. No word yet as for where it’ll end up, but a project looks to be on the way, hopefully sooner rather than later. Take a listen and let us know who had the best verse?
  • Give Me Your Ghost
    Give Me Your Ghost
    Keeping his double release strategy going, Styles P returns tonight with another set of tracks for us. With the Chris Rivers-assisted cut “Ghost to Rivers To The Riches” just being posted, here goes the second release of the night with “Give Me Your Ghost”.
  • Ghost Rivers To The Riches
    Ghost Rivers To The Riches
    Styles P has been increasingly prolific in recent years, dropping new loosies whenever he feels, while also releasing projects at a steady rate. It hasn't effected the quality of his work either, as an OG who's extremely comfortable in his lane, Ghost can put together a solid verse in his sleep, but even so, he manages to go in on every new record.
  • Block Work (Freestyle)
    Block Work (Freestyle)
    For the past two weeks, Jadakiss has been sharing freestyles over NY classics on Friday mornings.
  • Prhyme Ghost And Forty
    Prhyme Ghost And Forty
    As if “Inner City Ghost” wasn’t enough, Styles P decided to release a second freestyle today called “Prhyme Ghost and Forty”, featuring new artist Fortes.
  • Inner City Ghost
    Inner City Ghost
    Styles P has been releasing an onslaught of “ghostly” freestyles over the past few weeks, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon either. With at least 10 new verses on his Soundcloud page right now, P decides to return tonight with yet another new one called “Inner City Ghost”.
  • Ghost (Murder)
    Ghost (Murder)
    As if “Ghost Thing” wasn’t enough, Styles P decided to release a second freestyle today called “Ghost (Murder)”.
  • Ghost Thing
    Ghost Thing
    Styles P has been releasing an onslaught of “Ghostly” freestyles these past few weeks, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon either. With at least 10 new verses on his Soundcloud page right now, P decides to return today with another new one called “Ghost Thing”.
  • Ghost Blunts
    Ghost Blunts
    Styles P is aging gracefully, working hard as ever, but sticking to the lane he knows best. "Ghost Blunts," his first of two freestyles today, finds him taking on a lively guitar loop from Dre's "Puffin On Blunts & Drankin Tanqueray", complimented by some classic boom bap drums, as he delivers a carefully written, punchline-laden verse, always with a mean-mugged delivery but never without a good dose of charisma.
  • Bands (Freestyle)
    Bands (Freestyle)
    Over the past few days, Styles P's been blessing us with new freestyles over relatively recent tracks. Early this morning, we heard him take on BJ The Chicago Kid and Schoolboy Q's "It's True" (retitling it "True ghost") and now comes some fresh bars over Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late highlight "10 Bands." 
  • True Ghost
    True Ghost
    Styles P has been releasing a ton of new “Ghostly” freestyles these past couple weeks. With 7 or 8 new verses on his Soundcloud page right now, P decides to return today with another new one called “True Ghost”.
  • True & Living
    True & Living
    Yonkers veteran Styles P has had a busy 2015, dropping off freestyles left and right. Now he's back with an original cut, "True & Living", on which he's confident as ever. The beat comes from Spanish production duo Cookin Soul, who are known for their mash-ups and remixes of classic hip-hop tracks. On "True & Living", they gives Styles a funky, riff-heavy beat that features a Biggie sample. And the D-Block founder hits it outta the park with some classic NY swagger. 
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