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  • The Don
    The Don
    On Sunday, Pries will be releasing his (possibly L. Frank Baum-inspired?) mixtape American Fairytale, and after hitting us with "Waves" and "Fuck You And Your Bitch" back in December, is ready to give us one last leak from the project.
  • Fuck You And Your Bitch
    Fuck You And Your Bitch
    We last heard from Pries earlier this month when he dropped "Waves" a record which will be featured on his upcoming album, American Fairy Tale. Today we get an aggressive new cut which may also make the upcoming full length, titled "Fuck You And Your Bitch".
  • Waves
    Pries lays it all out our for us on his latest record, "Waves." The rapper speaks directly to the fans about what's going on his mind, from police brutality and the fear that comes with that, to his relationship with his wife falling apart because of infidelities. It may not be the most uplifting record, but it is definitely honest. Nonetheless Pries says he dropped the cut to celebrate landing on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart (again). Are you feeling it?
  • Thugga
    Pries gave us the varied 24-track project After The Forest Fire in September, and so far it's been given nothing but glowing reception. Meanwhile, the subdued twerk anthem "Shake" has continued to gain momentum, landing Pries on Billboard's emerging artists chart just recently. 
  • Waiting To Exhale
    Waiting To Exhale
    After giving us the uber hard "Rabbit", Pries proves the versatility of his upcoming After The Forest Fire with the relatively mellow, "Waiting To Exhale". While the song could've easily cruised by on it's nostalgic sample, it's loaded with production tricks that make it truly something special, with a sliding mechanical bassline taking center stage.
  • Rabbit
    Pries will be unleashing his free album, After The Forest Fire, later today, but first he's releasing a couple of leaks from the record. The first of which is "Rabbit", which is built off of a hard trap-like instrumental, in which Pries flexes his lyrical ability with some big boasts, and winding flows.
  • No Flex Zone (Remix)
    No Flex Zone (Remix)
    Yet another "No Flex Zone" remix arrives today, just in case you're not sick of them already. Pries is the latest rapper to hop on the trending beat produced by Mike WiLL Made It and popularized by his duo Rae Sremmurd. While the track tends to hype rappers up and bring out their energy, Pries takes a different route offering up a more low-key flow and even a slight melody to his rhymes. What do you think of it? Does it work well?
  • Shake
    Pries released his slow jam, "Shake" on iTunes, and shortly thereafter it started to gain momentum online when a twerk video was made to the track. You wouldn't expect it with the low BPM of the track, but as long as the concept is there, someone will likely twerk to it. The song has an R&B flavor, complimenting its piano line with some booming bass, and snap drum-programming. We'll have to wait and see it'll become a viral hit a la "Gas Pedal" or "My Nigga".
  • Crown Royal Blvd
    Crown Royal Blvd
    Our boy Pries definitely knows how to feed the fans. He's consistent with the leaks these days, following his last one "Freeway" with another new joint today, "Crown Royal Blvd." The jazzy number finds Pries tackling some more serious subject matter, as he talks about police brutality and gang life within his community. This could have very well been inspired by the recent killing of Mike Brown, who died at the hands of police although he was unarmed.
  • Freeway
    Pries woke up in a generous mood today, as he lets go this "Freeway" freebie for his fans. The reason he's feeling so generous, though? His new single "Hide And Seek" made its way onto the Billboard charts, a feat anyone would be proud of. If you missed out on "Hide And Seek" go back and give that a listen here. Back to the song at hand, "Freeway" is a record that won't make it on to the Denver rapper's forthcoming album American Fairytale album.
  • Hide And Seek
    Hide And Seek
    Earlier this month, Pries surprised fans with not one but two remix tracks; one for Kid Ink's "Main Chick" and the second for Nico & Vinz's "Am I Wrong?" It was clear that the rapper was building momentum, but towards what? Well, we finally have our answer. 
  • Main Chick (Remix)
    Main Chick (Remix)
    Earlier today, we premiered the official remix of Kid Ink's "Main Chick," which features French Montana, Yo Gotti, Tyga, Lil Bibby and Chris Brown. But now Pries is here to show us that you don't need a cast of A-listers to give the track a dope remix.
  • Total
    Pries always seems to be hard at work, never letting fans go more than a month or two without dropping some new ish. Today he does just that, sending us over a new joint "Total", without so much as an explanation. We don't really need one though, it's a pretty self-explanatory song. "Total" has those chilled out, summer time vibes, with a hook all about relaxing with a little smoke and drank. Pries even incorporates some boomboxing through out the track which keeps things interesting.
  • Pour Some More
    Pour Some More
    Pries isn't one to keep the fans thirsty for too long. The rapper dropped his Revenge of the Nerd mixtape only last week, yet he's already back at it with a new track "Pour Some More" produced by Don Griddy.
  • Real One
    Real One
    Denver's Pries will be dropping his anticipated mixtape, Revenge Of The Nerd later this week, and today he shares the final leak from the project. The track, "Real One" showcases the rapper's more aggressive side, as he takes on some hard-hitting production, featuring a particularly pummeling bassline. Pries will be handling production on his upcoming tape alongside the likes of Flare, Tha Raiderz, Don Griddy, and more.
  • Let Me Be Great
    Let Me Be Great
    You might know Pries from his work with Kid Ink, as evidenced by track like the magnificent "Waste No Time." But Pries is a talented artist in his own right and his track here, "Let Me Be Great," allow him to do just that. While still chill, the song is a bit more aggressive for the normally mellow artist. We like him with this edge and we're excited to see that Pries is a Hip-Hop artist of multiple dimensions.
  • Like That
    Like That
    We heard from Pries the other week with his "Silver & Gold" leak, which is off the forthcoming Revenge Of The Nerd mixtape. Today Pries surprises fans with yet another leak, opting for a West Coast and feel-good sound with "Like That."
  • Silver And Gold
    Silver And Gold
    Denver's Pries has just released the first single off of his upcoming mix, Revenge Of The Nerd, which is expecting a release on April 16th. The track is called "Silver and Gold," and features some typically impressive production by Raiderz. Pries released this track on twitter as well as its video, which was released simultaneously with the single.
  • Wake Up Killing Shit (Freestyle)
    Wake Up Killing Shit (Freestyle)
    Stream Wake Up Killing Shit (Freestyle) , the newest drop from Pries. The cut was released on Thursday, February 6th, 2014. Things are looking better for Pries with each new release, which Wake Up Killing Shit (Freestyle) has proven yet again. It's worthy addition to the impressive body of work Pries has been developing over the years. We're looking forward to hearing what's next.
  • I Ain't Gonna Lie
    I Ain't Gonna Lie
    Pries announced on Twitter that if he received 50 RTs he'd release this new single, and true to his word, here it is. This follow his last release "Willie Bandana," both of which will appear on Pries' upcoming effort Revenge Of The Nerd project. How's this sound? Don't lie. Quotable Lyrics "I'm the lonely stoner, my persona / Please don't blow my high / All this hash we been smokin' got my ears ringing / Finer thinking, always dreaming, I use my Willie Beamin"    
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