B.o.B Songs

  • Shoulda Been There
    Shoulda Been There
    Sevyn Streeter is one R&B's most underrated songwriters, and while her Call Me Crazy But.. EP didn't catapult her to superstardom the way it should've, her upcoming album, On The Verge, could do the trick. Before that, Sevyn will be giving us a digital only release, Shoulda Been There Part 1. While 13 tracks long, many of the songs are interlude's making it out to be more of an EP. 
  • Smash It
    Smash It
    Is B.o.B. plotting his next album? and between last month's "That's How You Feel" and "Smash It" today it looks like he's ramping up for... something. Mixtape at the very least.
  • Mind Right (Remix)
    Mind Right (Remix)
    TK N Cash's "Mind Right" has been a buzzing party track in ATL since the end of last year, and it continues to pick up speed with a succession of hot remixes. First, T.I. laid a freestyle over the track, then B.o.B. gave it the remix duties. Now, those guys have joined forces and another boss man, T-Pain, has joined the lineup for the most official "Mind Right" remix yet. 
  • That's How You Feel
    That's How You Feel
    B.o.B has been making a point of collecting a roster of versatile artists for his No Genre collective, and his own music continues to experiment outside of traditional rap sounds. While he was introduced to the mainstream strapped with an acoustic guitar, Bobby Ray never goes full Jack Johnson on us with his new single, "That's How You Feel," but there's definitely some riffing going on.
  • Another One
    Another One
    London Jae is part of B.o.B.'s No Genre crew, who are quickly on the come-up. We've seen him with B.o.B. on "YRWAS" and "Fleek", and now he comes back strong with his own single, "Another One". The No Genre crew are intent on bringing all sorts of different sounds our way, but London Jae sticks to trappin' on "Another One". Jae's talents lie in his tempo. His Atlanta drawl is perfect for an upbeat, syrupy hook, but he's quickly able to pick up speed and let loose with some slick verses.  You like what you're hearing from No Genre's next-up? 
  • Hood Go Crazy
    Hood Go Crazy
    Tech N9ne isn't usually the kind of rapper who specifically reaches for a radio record, most of his career was built without radio support, however he may have one on his hands with the "Hood Go Crazy." It features past collaborator B.o.B ("Am I a Pyscho?" and "See Me") and 2 Chainz, and it's got an accessibility that Tech's music doesn't always have, not only by way of the mainstream features but the bouncy, Mustard-esque beat.
  • Jealous (Remix)
    Jealous (Remix)
    Nick Jonas is currently having his Justin Timberlake moment, climbing the charts off the strength of his R&B re-branding, "Jealous". A man who has been known to cross the lines of genre himself, B.o.B seems to be a fan of the JoBro's new direction, adding a couple verses to the hit.
  • Graduation Camp
    Graduation Camp
    B.o.B sure has been busy over the last little while. We got the No Genre 2 mixtape halfway through 2014, only for Bobby Ray to hit us with yet another full length project before the year was over (New Black). On top of that, we got the first single for the rapper's upcoming studio album, a Trey Songz-assisted number that seems destined for radio play.
  • Nobody Wins
    Nobody Wins
    At this time, veteran R&B group Jodeci haven't released an album since 1995's The Show, the After Party, the Hotel (if you're around the age of 18 or 19, you may have been conceived while your parents were listening to it). Next year, the foursome will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new album and a reunion tour, and we've just gotten a studio version of the first single. Debuted last month at the Soul Train Music Awards, "Nobody Wins" is an anti-abuse song that also features B.o.B.
  • Provo King
    Provo King
    B.o.B had been teasing his New Black mixtape over the last few weeks, but it still came as a surprise when his new project dropped out of the blue today. Bobby Ray's tape comes at a time where race in America is a hot topic following the shooting of Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. A grand jury decided not to indict Wilson for Brown's death, and protests have erupted worldwide following the decision. 
  • Candler Rd.
    Candler Rd.
    Well, this is a little weird. A track just appeared on B.o.B's SoudCloud entitled "Candler Rd.," but it's not a freestyle over the joint with the same name that Childish Gambino released back in August. What's more, Bankroll Fresh, who shares a hometown with Bobby Ray but not much else (stylistically speaking), guests on the track.
  • For The Thrill
    For The Thrill
    Today, singer-songwriter Victoria Monet released part one of her two-part Nightmares & Lullabies EP series. Having already connected with Ty Dolla $ign on the funky EP cut "Made In China," Monet calls on B.o.B for the assist on "For The Thrill."
  • Ain't Goin Nowhere
    Ain't Goin Nowhere
    You may know Frenchie from Waka Flocka's Brick Squad Monopoly label, but the Atlanta rapper is building an empire of his own, recently launching Protekted Records. His new single, which comes through the newly cemented label collects some interestingly varied features, calling upon Hustle Gang's B.o.B and YMCMB's Chanel West Coast.
  • Fleek
    It was only a matter of time. The term "Fleek" was first made in reference to a particularly outstanding eyebrow game, but has since graduated to a descriptor of just about anything. B.o.B demonstrates as much on his new track, which just happens to be called "Fleek".
  • Aint Goin Nowhere
    Aint Goin Nowhere
    Just a few weeks after the release of his warmly-received Fukk Fame mixtape, BSM's Frenchie returns with a brand new for-purchase single featuring Hustle Gang's B.o.B (who released an acclaimed single of his own yesterday) and Young Money's Chanel West Coast. Given the star power behind Frenchie's latest release, "Ain't Goin' Nowhere" may prove to be the most ironic song title of the year. The stadium-ready instrumental is handled by Jerry Wonda.
  • Not For Long
    Not For Long
    B.o.B is currently preparing his fourth studio album, and while it's still without a title, he's dropped what appears to be the first single from the upcoming effort. "Not For Long" pairs him with Trey Songz, who delivers a pop-inflected R&B hook that sounds like it could slide into any radio playlist quite smoothly. Once again, he's singing about stealing your girl.
  • Dreamer
    Maino, French Montana and B.o.B connect for a baller's anthem today on "Dreamer." This serves as the first single off Maino's upcoming King of Brooklyn 2 EP, which the rapper is currently prepping to drop on November 25th. Where as the first King of Brooklyn project, from February, was a mixtape, this one will be a commercial release.
  • Nun But A Party
    Nun But A Party
    Scotty ATL's dropped some pretty amazing tracks this year, but his new one, "Nun But A Party," might be the best one yet. A lot of that is due to stellar contributions from IAMSU!, B.o.B and Childish Major, who all step up to make the track just the sort of party jam its name suggests.
  • New Black
    New Black
    The past week and a half or so have seen a whole new wave of conversations about race in America, dredged up by the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Missouri following Michael Brown being gunned down by a policeman. We've heard responses in the form of tracks by J. Cole and G-Unit, and now B.o.B throws his hat into the ring with "New Black."
  • Red Cup
    Red Cup
    Its been a little while since E-40 has earned himself a big mainstream radio hit. In fact, the rapper hasn't appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 since "U And Dat" hit the top 15 back 2006. Now, it appears, 40 is reaching for another smash. Recruiting former "U And Dat" collaborator T-Pain as well as Kid Ink and B.o.B., the Bay Area legend seamlessly transitions his signature West Coast drawl into a song that wouldn't sound out of place next to Ink's own "Main Chick" at the top of the hip-hop charts. The instrumental comes courtesy of Kristo of Drop City Yacht Club fame.
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