Last night, 2 Chainz announced via Instagram that he had spent the last week recovering from surgery after breaking one of his legs. The rapper formerly known as Tity Boi kept the nature of his injury under wraps for nearly two weeks, before addressing his fans with a heartfelt post. While nobody wants to see 2 Chainz suffer, the bulk of the focus pertained to his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour, which faced risk of cancellation in light of the injury.

Luckily for everyone set to attend, 2 Chainz is a god damn trooper. The Atlanta rapper made it clear that he has no intention of stopping the show, even after his doctor told him "well, looks like your gonna have to cancel your tour."

"I told him maybe it means God wants me to use my mind and be creative!" writes 2 Chainz. "So after all the morphine and pains meds wore off I called management and said somebody find me a " pink wheelchair " I can't let my fans down besides I'm passionate about this shit !!  

And the man lived up to his word. Check out some of the pictures from the kickoff show in Tucson, Arizona at the Rialto Theatre, with 2 Chainz rolling around the stage in a trap wheelchair like a boss. It also doesn't hurt to have a fly nursing attendant on deck, in case of any emergency. 

Respect to 2 Chainz for this. If you haven't check out our digital cover story with the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music icon.