Those familiar with the music of Yung Lean no doubt understand the rapper's mysterious allure. With a propensity for blending materialistic stunting with folkloric, fable-esque imagery, Lean's music has captivated listeners since his inception in the early YouTube era. While many were quick to write him off as a mere "meme rapper," Lean's talent soon became evident, culminating in his most accomplished work thus far - last year's Stranger. In many ways, the Swedish rapper has helped father many ongoing trends, particularly in the way internet culture and hip-hop blend. Still, Lean's mind has always been that of an artist. 

For that reason, it's no surprise that Leandoer has announced "Wings Of Desire," a specially curated "art and music" show. Promising art exhibitions, live music, and pop-up shops, "Wings Of Desire" will no doubt be a must-attend for all die-hard Yung Lean fiends. Unfortunately for Western audiences, the show is set to take place in London; should you be truly itching to attend, you can always book your tickets now. Peep the official artwork via Twitter, which features Lean like we'v never seen him before.

"Wings Of Desire" is set to go down on November 21st, at Academy Brixton. For more about the event, check out the official page here