YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna's relationship is one of the most unexpected things to happen in the entertainment industry in recent times. Before Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay started dating, Jay's career was just bubbling up. Alongside YBN Nahmir, the two of them were working their way to the forefront of emerging hip hop artists with the many viral singles they released. It can be argued that their relationship helped launch YBN Almighty Jay's career in a lot of ways. Either way, it's clear that he's been using the moment and running with it.

YBN Almighty Jay recently linked up with XXL for their "The Break" and spoke about his goals and where he sees himself in the future. However, what may have stood out the most in the interview is when he was asked about what he believes his stand-out moment in his career. The rapper admitted that dating Blac Chyna was definitely one of the biggest moments of his career.

"The [dating] Blac Chyna shit. I think that's the most standout. Everyone notices that." He said when asked about the stand-out moment in his career.

While his relationship with Chyna seemed odd because of the age gap, YBN Almighty Jay also revealed that he's been into more mature women for a while.

"I'm that nigga. Niggas be thinking like, 'Nah, he pretending to be that nigga.' No, I'm that nigga." He said when asked about what people don't know about him. "Niggas don't know I like fucking old people though. Not old, but I like fucking milfs. I love that shit."