"Ayy, that bitch don't wanna be friends
Ayy, I gave her dick, she amen
Ayy, she put her tongue on my dick
Ayy, look at my wrist, about ten"

Florida rapper XXXTENTACION can officially say that at least one million people have heard his immortal words. It was only a matter of time before the man who brought us Soundcloud favorite "garette's Revenge" and the controversial REVENGE tour (dude really wants his revenge) scored his first ever platinum plaque for breakout hit "Look At Me." While it's sort of unclear how the accomplishment was measured, as the Soundcloud version of the song has nearly one hundred million streams, the platinum plaque is still a worthy accomplishment even in this fluctuating era. 

And let's be honest. "Look At Me" became somewhat of an anthem for disenfranchised teenagers everywhere, who gravitated toward X for his rebellious and no-fucks-given attitude. For better or worse, X's words seemed to speak to a generation, and while some may decry this new wave of "Soundcloud rap" and pine for the days of "real hip-hop," there's really no point in fighting momentum. X managed to make something raw, and it spoke to enough people to basically launch his entire career. 

So when all is said and done, why not give props to X for this milestone? It's easy to look down on someone else's accomplishments, especially when X' brazen demeanor can sometimes alienate potential fans. Still, rappers getting money is generally a good thing, and behind some of the more obscene and rushed Soundcloud loosies, lies a mind brimming with creative potential. So once again, congrats to X, and hopefully he can carry on this momentum into his upcoming 17 album. 

They grow up so fast, don't they? I remember my first time writing about X, when he was still dissing Drake with "your momma" jokes and challenging him with streaking bets. And now "look at him." A platinum artist.