The truest and most avid Jay-Z and Kanye fans will be glad to know that they can feel like they are actually a part of the ENTIRE Watch the Throne tour, which kicks off in Atlanta on Friday and includes 26 cities. 

VOYR is providing an all-access pass with daily videos from the tour (five episodes a week). 

Users can join for a free preview account now and paid access membership (the low price of 4.99$/month) will be made available later to view all the premium content that VOYR has to offer;  the full website will be up and running on October 28th. 

Members can expect to see a complete look at the stage, rehearsals, performances, and all the effort that goes into living the lives of Ye and Jay-Z!

For now though, you can check out this short clip of Kanye in the studio making Otis