The taping of the BET Awards drew more media attention than expected due to several fights occurring between feuding crews. Young Jeezy and Rick Ross' backstage scuffle was caught partially on tape, and re-told by many witnesses. Nonetheless, it's interesting to know the thoughts of either rapper's crews, both being bosses of one. Bootleg Kev chopped it up with MMG's Wale, and got his take on what went down.

Wale wasn't actually present when words turned physical this past weekend, "I did the carpet, but I had a show, like fifty minutes from Atlanta." He continued, "By the time we was maybe like fifteen minutes away from pulling up to Magic City, I started reading all the stuff. I heard about it and I ain't even know what was true, I ain't even know what was goin' on."

He explains that he obviously has his crew's back on this one, but he's not one to really partake in the beef. "Obviously you with the team no matter what...but at the same time, I wasn't nowhere near the whole situation, so I really can't call and say what happened or what shoulda happened and all that. It's unfortunate to say the least," Wale said.

Nonetheless, the DMV rapper thinks it was probably blown out of proportion, as news can be sensationalized. "That ain't something that we sit around and talk about, our relationships with other artists, we never really talk about nobody but ourselves amongst ourselves so nobody really knew how deep anything was, I'm assuming this is something that was just blown out of proportion, for the most part."