Earlier today we reported on Webbie allegedly attacking a woman in Baton Rouge, LA two days ago, and getting arrested for the incident.

Now the woman in question has spoken out and clarified what actually happened. It seems the story was largely exaggerated. Read the official statement from the lawyer of the victim, who was in an on-again-off-again relationship with the rapper.

Atlanta, GA- Contrary to recent media reports and what can only be described as an exaggeration of actual events, “Webbie” (Webster Gradney, Jr.) did not “brutally” attack my client and, fortunately,my client did not suffer injury requiring medical attention. 

The “robbery” was unfortunately a non-malicious attempt, by the accused, to deny the woman resources he had given her to leave the city, via air transportation, following their domestic argument. The accused did not “meet” my client at a party but rather they had been residing together, off and on, for more than 18 months. Though a rocky relationship, my client and Mr. Gradney spent the evening together after being separated briefly. The early morning assault is domestic related and should be treated as such.  

While neither my client nor I condone acts of violence, especially domestic, we will not conspire with the media or officials to paint an inaccurate picture of Mr. Gradney or the events. We will not conspire with anyone to deliberately destroy Mr. Gradney’s reputation, life and/or career. Neither my client nor this case should be used as a tool to send another “black rapper” to prison for any other case or charge that is unrelated to these events.

Both parties want nothing more than to move beyond this matter. It’s an unfortunate situation and myclient will, however, cooperate with officials as required by law.