Many Tidal users have long taken solace in one key advantage, as having access to the entire Jay-Z discography is certainly a perk worth boasting about. Even though competitors Spotify and Apple Music enjoy plenty of success, the lack of Jigga Man is a blemish on two otherwise capable services. After all, Jay-Z has amassed a catalog ripe with countless classic jams, including a few of the genre's quintessential albums; Blueprint, Black Album, American Gangster and Reasonable Doubt come to mind, though many of his albums merit additional listens. 

Unfortunately, short of buying physical copies of Jay's work, Tidal was largely the only way to consume his music in the streaming era. Seeing as many users opt for an alternative service, plenty of listeners were not doubt undergoing symptoms of Jigga withdrawal. Luckily, it would appear that a change may very well be on the horizon, though the extent of it remains to be seen. According to a report, three of Jay's albums have appeared on Spotify, available to both free and paying users: The Hits, Blueprint Collector's Edition, and American Gangster.

There's no telling if this is a peace offering between Jay-Z and Spotify, or a sign of bigger things to come. Stay tuned for more news on this, but in the mean time, Spotify users should get busy catching on lost time.