When Vibes officially drops tomorrow, it will mark Theophilus London's first project since 2012's Rose Island Vol. 1 tape. Working on the project with Kanye West, who executive produced the album, London had some stories to share with us when he visited our NY office recently.

First off, London reveals that he "wrote some stuff" for Kanye's upcoming album, but, as the man himself puts it, "[Kanye's] on to the next every 24 hours, so hopefully my part is strong enough to make it." The two rappers hung out in Paris while 'Ye worked on the album, and there London learned the extent of West's creative restlessness. "Working with Kanye man, you gotta become an alcoholic," London joked, after telling us about all of the 1 AM phone calls he'd receive from Kanye, who would always have a new idea of what needed to be added or subtracted from the music. "He's almost Peter Pan," London added.

Then, it was onto the making of Vibes, the title of which London says came from everything being "real vibey" during the recording. Posting up in a house in the California desert, London and Kanye worked on an album with a more relaxed atmosphere. In London's own words, Vibes is "real Palm Springs, smoke a joint, hit some mushrooms, go to Joshua Tree, bathe in some motherfuckin' volcano water... shit like that."

Watch the full interview below, and stream Vibes here.